Student organizations and/or non-College entities wishing to display flyers/posters/PR materials on LaGrange College property must be approved by the Vice President for Student Engagement & Dean of Students or designated appointee responsible for the bulletin board(s) in a particular building.  All printed materials may only be displayed on designated bulletin boards across campus; they may not be affixed to walls, windows, or doors without written permission from the Vice President for Student Engagement & Dean of Students – this includes the inability of students to hang or post anything on residence hall windows.  Any materials posted that are deemed to not support the College mission may be removed at the discretion of the Vice President & Dean of Students.  The name of the sponsor(s) and contact information must be displayed on the posted materials.  This policy also includes posting on and/or painting the rocks on the residential quad, using chalk to write on sidewalks, and/or the use of any other media to mark any other area that the college deems permissible for the display of signs, paintings, printings, chalk, etc.

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